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Only Zoda could wind me up so much that I reach the realms of delierria. However you spell it, I don't care.
I'm so angry at the world and the world is angry at me. Fever reaching new heights, and lets add in some sick. Due to high blood pressure, nose bleeds ahve been happening too. And due to exces stress been passing out too... So that would be half the reasons for absence in the world of JC. Sorry... This physics thing is so getting to me. 'It's taking over my life!!!'
So today I woke up at 8am... nausea lol. Luckily nothing came up 'ew ew ew ew' but I've roasting at a temp of 38.6 today. It's... warm. Not hospital worthy though lol.
So what with being awake so early and wiping away all tear stains lol I decided to mess with the camera and this bright pink lippy and a hair band and this pale blusher thing (make up is beyond me >.<). I havent taken a pic in god knows how long haha. So yeah. Click the link... if you want to ^~.

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Well that was amusing...

Tennis in Feburary, already counting down the days. Its the only good thing coming.
Hope to be better soon and see people... Bai.

Like... Help?

The results in 2 nights and 1 day.
I'm not ready. I did my best. 
What if my best wasn't good enough? 

To me that would be the end haha.

Signing out.


And the days continue getting shot down.

Yay! I played tennis today with the evil ankle. It held out!
I was meant to play 2 hours, but Pierre (my tennis coach) extended it to 2 and a half hours. So at the end I was like 'Where are my feet?! I can't feel them!' You see, Pierre likes to get you running about haha. So yeah... I'm going jogging later. Lets see how far I can push myself...

Agenda for today. It's actually quite exciting for once!
At 5:30pm I go to the church. Not to pray... although I need to for the 24th! But to watch a music concert. And... about 80% of the people who know me know I LOVE the film Titanic. Well guess who's playing there? The guys with the violins and cello who were playing on the deck of the ship when it was sinking.
I am so excited! YAY! It's almost like when I got to touch a lifejacket from the filmset...

Now I sound like an old loser but... 5 days. 5 days left.


The Subject is *Giggle*. Why? It's random.

So... I have decided that I'm fed up with the swollen mess of an ankle. And Tomorrow I shall be playing tennis. And the day after. And the day after that. Saturday will be a 3 hour session. Au Revoir resting! ... ... ... I've conserved enough energy these last few days to run to Pluto and back. Of course I would have to defy the laws of gravity first so...

I wanted a new challenge. So... I've got one. I am going to learn toplay the violin. I know it takes years of patience and learning, but I'm up for it! Bring it on baby! And.. I'm going to play the flute still (not whilst playing the violin at the same time ^~) and hopefully join the orchestra. So thats al good.

Plenty of nightmares related to the exam results on the 24th. Yep...
7 days.. 7 days. And everyone is doing the usual 'You'll get all A's. A*'s even. You don't evem need to try.'
I don't even need to try? What the hell do they think they're on about? People...

Got my hair highlighted yesterday. Blonde of course. Apparantly my natural hair colour is getting really dark. It's so unfair! I used to be a platinum blonde. AND NOW I'M FALSE <.< Its mouse hair naturally. I can't let go of the nice blonde lol. Someoneslap me... ... ...

The Ankle

So a few days ago I was playing tennis. Then WHAM my ankle is sprained.
And right before CERN <.<. I still went though lol. Nothing can keep me away from my Physics. It was amazing. And I understood it haha. And it's all the things I love. Some of the structures there we astonishing... beautiful... huge...
Going to Geneva was fun. Met this amazing guy. And with my luck of course he is in Geneva and I am in Wengen haha. So that was short. Geneva was alright... it was a city.. and a little creepy lol. Went to a fair. Won a sleeping teddy xD! Yay me!

So I'm back in Wengen. The ankle is black and blue and huge...
Pierre (Tennis coach) keeps asking and banning me from tennis. I have to say when it happened it was rather dramatic. I went as white as a sheet and crumpled to the ground haha. Then I nearly passed out. And the sprain is clasifed as extremely serious. BUt that doesn't stop me from hobbling round and doing the daily exercises here.

Nadal knocked out! OH YEAH.

Nothing to report except nothing.

oh 13 days til results.
HAHA, LOSER <..> I knew it all along...
Freedom... I say complete entire freedom.
Someone else's life is ruined. The curse has moved on. MERCI BEAUCOUP!

Jul. 16th, 2006

Well, today I decided to tempt fate and get one new school uniform for sixth form. I still need to get the grades to get in... but... touch wood!
Now, the chronicles of the uniform.

The JC sixth form uniform consists of a long black skirt, white blouse thing and an optional black sweater.
The skirt was great. Perfect fit and looks awesome. It's so floaty! XDXDXD
The blouse... the fit was perfect. Until it got to the bust. The buttons went up all the way until the bra kicked in. *Rolls eyes*. It was like being in a bad music video lol.
It's such a shame because it was fitting beautifully... <.< So I have to have it 'widened' at the bust area. When in the shop this woman who had to get the 'measuring tape' and shouted out to the entire shop and mall... "THIS GIRLS BREASTS ARE TOO BIG FOR THE SHIRT. MEASUREMENTS!"
I suppose its a good kinda problem to have if you look at it some angles... but seriously...

So uniform shopping was alright. Apart from that I've been oh so lonely... and I fly soon... the 19th...
Then... UK....

Time for Change

Random new Layout. I just liked the way it's organised lol.
I don't feel bound at all! Glad I settled that.

Holidays so far are okay. A tad boring... Wish someone were here so we could have fun. But no one is so... that's that!
Going to Switzerland soon.Then UK! I've been waiting so long, and finally the time has come... It's kind of ironic though... I've been wanting to go to UK for so long now, now that I have to go I don't want to go.

Well, the nightmares continue. I have two different kinds of nightmares at the moment.
a) It's GCSE results day, and when I get my envelope an axe murderer comes and is killing everyone before I can open my results lol.
b) Everyone I know is just dying away. They all have drained faces and just have skeletal frames. Haha... Freaky.

I am so lucky though. In late October I get to go to Switzerland and watch the Swiss Tennis thingy in Basel!!! ^^ I hope meh Roger wil be there ^~...
Annnd, the day is coming closer to when I go the Geneva and I can visit CERN and have my personalised tour <.


Finally cleared out my MSN and LJ stuff. It's neat and organised. Kinda.
So... I've just been playing FFVIII lately. Disc 1... Galbadia Garden. Stats:

Squall: Lv 52
Rinoa: Lv 27
Quistis: Lv 28
Zell: Lv 23
Selphie: Lv 22
Irvine: Lv 13.

I just got Irvine. I sound so... young talking about games like that again haha. But when no one's around, and when no one reads this its safe!

So... just to keep record, arguments have stopped between parents. Just silences and tense moments... well from me anyway! Hahahahaha... Not funny.

Switzerland in 15 days... TENNIS! My very own mini Wimbledon.

England out the world cup. Two words....

Ha Ha

And that's from someone from England =O!

Wanna Know A Secret?

Revision today consists of:

and English.

I'm going to go back and revise more Geog, Bio and Chem. Must do well!
Haha, it's scary to think that people may actually glance at these entries. Yeah...

Ooo today... I ordered in! =O How cool am I? Shang-hi wings (heaven). There's enough to last for 3 days ^^.

I have decided... not to be negative today. As of today, I am classsifying myself as confident! It was a laugh typing that I have to say.

Aww, it's so sweet... my dad is taking my mum to a ball on Wednesday...

I wish I could be taken to a ball.. But no one would take me. Alas.